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Managing facility operations and tenant communication can be overwhelming. CallPotential makes it easier. From pro-actively tracking leads to serving tenants needs during and after the rental process, CallPotential’s suite of products can bring your entire operations into one platform. The results? Less hassle, more control, and a systematic strategy that actually works.

SmartKIOSK Mobile

SmartKIOSK Mobile is an impressive, portable, manager handheld tool that accelerates and simplifies day to day operations. Managers can view customer history, sell moving supplies, make notes, move out customers and manage payments from anywhere. Whether in the middle of a property tour, on-campus, or at a community event, the

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Lead Manager

Lead Manager is a total lead management solution to help site managers increase their close ratios and simplify the sales cycle. Prospects are seamlessly followed up with phone, mobile text and email communication, accelerating the lead-to-rental process.

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Capture rentals and payments during and after hours with SmartKIOSK. This sleek, all-weather kiosk is so intuitive that your customers can choose a unit, enter their information, make a payment and receive access in less than two minutes, while ensuring lease compliance and integrating with most management software.

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Collection Manager

Collection Manager transforms receivables from dead-end dialing for dollars to a multi-channel collection machine. Facilities can reach customers on their terms and receive payment with or without assistance from employees. A recorded audit trail is created for each contact for easy evaluation.

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DIY Call Center

DIY Call Center allows managers to maximize the success of every call by utilizing their best salespeople and avoiding missed calls— all without adding labor or infrastructure.

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Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager automatically identifies unproductive ads to help you maximize the effectiveness of your ad budget. Understanding exactly what works best for each location eliminates the need for overspending on ineffective ads. With true cost-per-call, cost-per-lead and cost-per-sale metrics, managers are empowered with the vital data needed to make effective

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Easily Integrates with 3rd Party Connections

CallPotential’s winning team of products include Lead Manager, Marketing Manager, Performance Manager, Collection Manager, DIY Call Center and SmartKIOSK—all working to empower teams to automate day-to-day processes and drive customer satisfaction instead of chasing leads. CallPotential’s patent-pending technology automates and enhances the sales process to deliver an average of 27% increase in sales conversion ratios while reducing ad budgets by 30-45%.

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  • Jeff Bateman

    Storage Choice

    Managers may have the best intentions, they may have a list of 30 people they are going to call today, and only get through 10. With CallPotential I know the other 20 are not going to get skipped or fall through the cracks. Just receiving a couple extra (collections) payments that you normally wouldn't have received and it already pays for itself.

  • Mark Purvis

    Turtle Creek Management

    It’s made a world of difference for us…the managers love it…it makes it easier to track the leads and it has been very successful. Not only that but we are able to manage our marketing much better because we know where our leads are coming from and how many closed deals we’re getting from each lead.