Covid-19 Impact Report (April 1-5th)

Silver Linings and Surprising Performance Metrics

We pulled performance metrics from thousands of self-storage facilities around call volume, leads, rentals, and payments compared to the same time period last year. We looked at month-over-month and year-over-year trends to measure the impact of social distancing on our industry last week April 1st to the 5th.

Tune into our most recent pre-recorded Fireside Chat to review and interpret the data and learn how self-storage operators are innovating and adapting amidst these challenges.

Additional Covid-19 Resources

Guardian Storage Deploys Contact Center to Help Managers at 26 Locations Work From Home

Faced with a challenge to support operations during the COVID-19 Pandemic,Jeff Ley, Marketing and Development Analyst with Guardian Storage, quickly made the decision to support both his customers and his employees by deploying a work from home solution, found in CallPotential’s Remote Operation Toolset. Jeff was kind enough to share what Guardian is doing to enable his managers to work from home during this time. Watch the video or read the interview transcript here.

Communication Adaptation: Tools to take your Self Storage Operations Remote

Flexible communication tools that integrate with your property management software including flexible work from home solutions to answer location calls and contact free payment solutions when social distancing closes the office. Learn more here