Ace Storage utilizes multiple CallPotential features for the greatest impact

The results have been very clear and measurable in terms of collections improvement.

Ace Storage incorporates Lead Manager, Marketing Analytics and Collection Manager to boost conversion rates, optimize ads and drive collections.

Jim Whiteside, owner of Ace Storage, manages ten self storage properties throughout St. Louis, Illinois and Missouri. Ace Storage has counted on Collection Manager, Marketing Analytics and Lead Manager for nearly four years to boost conversion rates to more than 60% at some locations.

Effortlessly Boost Conversion Rates with LeadManager

With caller information and custom scripts instantly available in LeadManager, Ace Storage employees are able to accelerate the lead-to-rental process with every new call. The ability to automatically execute lead follow up with phone, email and text messaging has helped convert more cold prospects to new tenants, all while eliminating lost leads and saving employee time.

Before CallPotential, locations were closing new leads below their target 40-60% conversion rate. Since integrating Lead Manager, Ace Storage has reached a 53% conversion rate— with some facilities closing more than 60% of new leads.

Optimize Marketing Budget for Greater Profit

Now able to convert more existing leads into paying customers, Ace Storage has expanded advertising efforts to drive even more leads to their fourteen self storage locations. The team relies on The Marketing Analytics to make the most of their marketing budget.

With each ad linked to a specific tracking number, Ace Storage uses Marketing Analytics to evaluate the total return on investment for every campaign. By understanding exactly what works best for each location, Ace Storage eliminates guesswork and distributes their marketing budget more powerfully. Eliminating low-performing ads allows funds to be distributed to campaigns with a higher ROI.

“The results have been very clear and measurable in terms of collections improvement.” —Jim Whitesides, Ace Storage”

Eliminate Lost Collections with Texting Capabilities

Ace Storage credits Collection Manager with providing the biggest impact on business. By automatically reminding tenants of upcoming due dates with phone, email and text messaging, collections are made easier and less units have to be sold at auction.

With automatic messaging and secure pay-by-phone features, tenants are able to manage their entire payment process through the convenience of their smartphone.

From generating new leads to accelerating the lead-to-rental process, Ace Storage was able to make more from the leads they already had by integrating CallPotential products throughout the sales pipeline.

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