Lead Manager

Increase lead-to-rental conversion rate by 27% or more by tracking leads and automating follow-up.

Lead Manager is a total lead management solution to help site managers increase their close ratios and simplify the sales cycle. Prospects are seamlessly followed up with phone, mobile text and email communication, accelerating the lead-to-rental process.

  • Increase sales conversions by monitoring and following up on every lead.
  • Follow up with customers within seconds with multi-channel communication through phone, mobile text and email.
  • Increase staff efficiency and accountability.
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Automatically Manage Leads

Lead Manager records and logs every call, pro actively capturing lead information like caller ID, tenant status and referral source. Follow-ups can be automatically scheduled and executed with a customizable, multi-channel approach including phone calls, mobile text and email.

Support Site Managers

Managers can monitor follow-up activities for every lead to quickly identify leaks in the sales pipeline and identify under performing locations and employees through real-time success metrics.


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Get Total Accountability

This proven selling system introduces employee accountability and increases sales conversions by monitoring and following up on every lead. Managers can save time and boost rental revenue by 27% or more by leveraging automation and communication tools developed specifically for the storage industry.

What Our Customers Say About Lead Manager

  • CallPotential Clients report that Lead Manager takes the guess work out of identifying and following up with leads. Managers are able to discern where customers are calling from and what they are calling for before even answering the phone. Daily follow-up reminders make it easy to determine what follow-ups need to be made and also to verify they have been made.