Snapbox Self Storage Builds Internal Call Center with CallPotential Contact Center Software

(CallPotential) helps to provide easy solutions to a complex problem.

Phil O’Hara oversees operations for an active call center operated by SnapBox Self Storage out of New Jersey. The call center is responsible for fielding inquiries originating from 29 different facilities. They recognized early on that the most integral part of the self-storage process is the storage manager. In an effort to provide superior support to their self-storage manager, Phil was referred to CallPotential to assist with lead generation.

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Simplified Processes: Big Impact on Customer Experience

Before CallPotential, SnapBox’s calls were just routing directly into stores. Frequently missed calls by managers had been attributed to their intense workload. Phil sought a simple solution that would lighten that load; That solution was found in CallPotential. Now, Phil has experienced what a CallPotential partnership can do to enhance operations processes.

(CallPotential) helps to provide easy solutions to a complex problem.”

Phil says CallPotential has the tools to take your operations to the “next level”. One of the biggest tools in Phil’s arsenal is Call Center which has Smart Routing Technology. This technology gathers existing data stored in their current property management system and determines if the caller is a current tenant or a potential customer. The technology then proceeds to route callers to the most appropriate location. The assistance SnapBox receives from the Smart Routing Technology allows them to strategically tailor their communications with each call which helps provide superior service to their customers. This has had a positive influence on the overall customer experience.  Phil attributes a combination of enhanced customer experience and use of CallPotential’s Lead Manager to an increase in conversion rates.

Getting Onboard with CallPotential

The process Phil went through in getting started with CallPotential was easy. He was coached through the initial setup and still receives continuous, immediate support from the CallPotential team whenever assistance is needed.  

The CallPotential onboarding process and ongoing support is tremendous.”

With the assistance of CallPotential, SnapBox is involved with the entire call process from start to finish, whether it’s a new customer or an existing tenant on the line. SnapBox understands the advantages of managing their own call center so that they control the dialogue and influence customer experience in a way that is consistent with their brand.

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