Performance Manager

Evaluate performance and simplify training from anywhere in the world with an automated virtual evaluation and coaching tool.

Performance Manager is a systematic tool to evaluate employee performance and simplify coaching. Increased insight of day-to-day operations allows managers to improve low performing employees by replicating the success of top employees. Managers can test scripts and easily select specific calls for evaluation.

  • Record and evaluate every inbound and outbound call.
  • Every call is easily linked to a custom lead or customer card.
  • Encourage healthy competition with a “Call of Fame Club”.
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Never Miss a Call

Every inbound and outbound call is monitored and tracked based on the type of call. With each call linked to a custom lead or customer card, managers can access employee performance from anywhere in the world.


Automatically Monitor Interactions

Real-world interaction monitoring allows supervisors to test scripts for effectiveness. With all calls clearly categorized, managers can select which calls to evaluate, without listening to hours of recordings.


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Optimize Employee Training

Real-time analytics allow for same-day coaching. Improve low performers by replicating what is done by top employees and encouraging healthy competition.

What Our Customers Say About Performance Manager

  • Operators use call recordings to grade performance and identify training opportunities. Peer to peer grading increases engagement and leads to positive reward opportunities.