Compass Self Storage Increases Auto-pay Sign-Ups by 25% Using CallPotential’s Collection Manager

That’s when I learned that CallPotential was a lot more than just a call center.

Ed Hainrihar is the vice president of operations for Compass Self Storage which is based out of Cleveland, Ohio and has 90 facilities established throughout the United States. They first learned of CallPotential while seeking new call center options, but quickly realized that there were many other beneficial products to utilize that would help to grow their business.

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“That’s when I learned that CallPotential was a lot more than just a call center.”

In addition to Call Center, Compass Self Storage utilized Collection Manager which sends automated messages through text, email, and robo-calling to their clients. This automation frees up managers saving time and aids in receiving past-due payments faster with an easy, two-tap payment system. Ed believes that the feeling of anonymity generated through this procedure provides an enhanced customer experience in that their clients can now make their payments right through their phones without having to explain their situations to managers. 

“There was almost a 25% increase in people signing up for autopay.”

Within these automated messages, clients are also given the option to sign up for autopay by simply checking a box granting permission to Compass Self Storage to automatically collect payment through the client’s stored payment method. Autopay eliminates automated collection messages for these clients which enhances their overall experience as well.

 “Better decisions could be made on how to appropriate marketing dollars to those channels that were working.”

As Compass Self Storage grew, they turned to CallPotential again for assistance with lead management. Lead Manager aided them in understanding how their leads were coming in and allowed them to make improved decisions regarding the most effective channels to spend their marketing dollars.

“The biggest surprise with using Lead Manager is how effective it could be with multiple channels.”

To anyone considering a partnership with CallPotential, Ed advises that it will be a complementary fit to their business and will make them more profitable as a result.

“(CallPotential) gets self-storage because they’re in self-storage.”

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