CallPotential® is a game-changing suite of technology empowering storage operators to stay occupied, raise the bottom line, and unlock their maximum potential. 

Engineered by storage industry veterans with your specific needs in mind, our suite of products work together to empower and effectively connect managers, tenants, and operators. Utilize omni-channel communication to push past pain points with tech designed by storage industry veterans who understand. With CallPotential™, every storage operator can run their business or facilities smarter, faster, and at any scale.


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StorQuest Self Storage Increases Call Conversion Rate by More Than 66% by Integrating Calls, Lead Capture and Follow Up into their Management Software with CallPotential

StorQuest Self Storage is based out of Santa Monica, California and has over 283 established locations across 23 states in the U.S. Mara Paredes, Director of Operations, relies on CallPotential for hands-off, measurable lead tracking and quality control. Prior to… Read more »

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Compass Self Storage Increases Auto-pay Sign-Ups by 25% Using CallPotential’s Collection Manager

Ed Hainrihar is the vice president of operations for Compass Self Storage which is based out of Cleveland, Ohio and has 90 facilities established throughout the United States. They first learned of CallPotential while seeking new call center options, but… Read more »

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Snapbox Self Storage Builds Internal Call Center with CallPotential Contact Center Software

Phil O’Hara oversees operations for an active call center operated by SnapBox Self Storage out of New Jersey. The call center is responsible for fielding inquiries originating from 29 different facilities. They recognized early on that the most integral part… Read more »

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Spaces Self Storage Experiences 40% Bad Debt Reduction Year-over-Year with CallPotential Collection Manager

Spaces Self Storage, located in downtown Toronto, partnered with CallPotential after seeing the success of a competitor that integrated the Lead Manager and Collection Manager into their software. Director of Operations Peter Obradovich determined CallPotential was their ideal solution for… Read more »

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