Marketing Analytics

Enter Marketing Analytics –  a cross-channel, targeted dashboard and reporting solution that takes data from property management, Google Ads, Analytics, and offline leads for your true ROI analysis. As part of the CallPotential suite, Marketing Analytics was designed for the storage industry, for operators by operators.

By Operators, for Operators

Within the first month of implementation alone, integrating key features of Marketing Analytics has led to a 3x increase in conversion actions captured.


Determine true ROI for every call, lead and sale – online & offline



Reduce ad spend by 30-45% and eliminate overspending

Reduce Spending


Save hours of manual reporting time and increase accuracy

Save Time

Reduce Ad Spend

Reduce Ad Spend
  • Eliminate unproductive ads based on ROI attribution
  • Automatically suppress ad spend on current tenants, leaving more for new prospects.
Reduce Ad Spend

Evaluate ROI

  • Get clear visibility on KPIs like cost-per-click, cost-per-call, and cost-per-rental
  • Track customer engagement across online and offline marketing efforts
  • Hone your messaging with A/B testing

Harness Data

  • Unite your Property Management Software, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and offline leads to identify conversions, opportunities, and competitive threats.
  • Transmit conversion actions with customer data
  • Make informed decisions on future marketing efforts
Amplify Reach

Amplify Reach

Amplify Reach
  • Increase lead quality with smarter campaigns and empower smart bidding campaigns with actual rental conversion data
  • Compare marketing success between locations to identify best practices
  • Boost ad spend on prospects more likely to convert with target audiences based on your existing leads and customer look-alike profiles
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