StorQuest Self Storage Increases Call Conversion Rate by More Than 66% by Integrating Calls, Lead Capture and Follow Up into their Management Software with CallPotential

We’re able to track everything with one software rather than 25!

StorQuest Self Storage is based out of Santa Monica, California and has over 283 established locations across 23 states in the U.S. Mara Paredes, Director of Operations, relies on CallPotential for hands-off, measurable lead tracking and quality control. Prior to integrating Lead Manager, their conversion rates were averaging 30%, but have since sprung to over 50%.

Simplified Lead Tracking and Follow-Up

Fast-paced storage facilities like StorQuest rely on CallPotential to streamline their lead capturing process and strengthen performance-based tasks. As a supplemental solution for day-to-day operations, Lead Manager closely monitors and distributes follow-up through multi-channel communication including text, phone, and email.

“We’re able to track everything with one software rather than 25!”

Total Lead Transparency

With precise lead tracking, CallPotential empowers operators and managers by giving them insight to control their lead management process. With the CallPotential tool, they are able to focus on their properties and customer service without worrying about the behind-the-scenes process.

“It’s really helpful to be able to track where all of our leads are coming from. We’re able to see how many calls were delayed, how many follow-ups we’re actually doing and how many outstanding calls for the day have not been done. ”

User-Friendly Experience

From start to finish, the CallPotential Support Team ensures a smooth transition while providing an excellent customer service experience. Setup is simplified with coaching, training modules, and immediate support to guarantee an easy switch.

“The user-friendliness of the system is really a strong feature.”

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