Boston Seaport gets more out of every call with total lead tracking

It just gives you the ability, when you have to juggle multiple things, to make a decision on the fly.

CallPotential immediately provides key caller information to empower employees to make decisions on the fly.

Jim Dinardo is a self storage consultant who manages several self storage facilities in the Northeast. A veteran of the self storage industry since 1989, Jeff was on the board of directors for the Self Storage Association and helped found the Massachusetts Self Storage Association in 1998.

Jim initially integrated CallPotential Lead Manager into his facilities as an affordable solution to track inbound and outbound calls. Though he later adopted other tools from the CallPotential family, Jim still credits Lead Manager to saving his team the most time.

Track Every Call with Lead Manager

Lead Manager records and logs every call, proactively capturing lead information like caller ID, tenant status and referral source. Site managers can schedule automatic follow-ups to be executed with a customizable, multi-channel approach including phone calls, mobile text and email.

“It just gives you the ability, when you have to juggle multiple things, to make a decision on the fly.”

With the call source included in an automated pop up, Jim’s team can quickly see if an incoming call is an existing customer or a new lead. Needing less time to qualify the customer over the phone, they are equipped to jump right into helping the caller.

With a self storage location also managing UHaul operations, employees can quickly identify if the caller is a UHaul or self storage customer. This allows them to mentally prepare and set up for the call— or evaluate if they want to answer it when they are busy with a project or customer. Being able to make these decisions in the moment saves time and allows the team to provide more thoughtful customer service.

Do More with Less

CallPotential helps operators be more efficient and streamline lead management, saving employee and customer time. Less qualifying of the customer over the phone eliminates the need for an ice breaker and allows them to be of immediate help.
Now, Jim is able to operate a facility that would typically need three or four people to operate with just one and a half.

“It’s a very effective, reliable service… that will help you manage your facility more effectively.”

CallPotential started working for the team immediately, tracking all calls and managing leads from beginning to end. The team appreciates that CallPotential helps them perform their jobs better in addition to saving critical minutes on every call. CallPotential empowers Jim to get the most out of his calls and manage his facilities more effectively.

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