Building a Brand: Pockit Self Storage Gains Clarity and Growth Opportunities through CallPotential

Pockit Self Storage

“CallPotential helps us tell a story.”

Building a Brand: Pockit Self Storage Gains Clarity and Growth Opportunities through CallPotential

Pockit Self Storage, a brand focused on providing modernized and stress-free experiences for their tenants, was looking for solutions to advance their brand and 7 locations across Canada. Tasked with finding ways to grow the business and empower staff with more effective tools, Executive Assistant/Special Project Manager Caitlin Robinson was eager to find new systems to support the team.

Before CallPotential, Caitlin’s team managed leads through the leads-to-lease functionality of their property management software. They liked it, but her team needed more day-to-day direction. With her team being remote, they were in search of a software that could give their agents a clear line of sight on daily to-do’s and tasks.

“We’re able to manage our leads a lot more efficiently and effectively.”

CallPotential’s Lead Manager was the first module adopted by Pockit Self Storage and almost immediately the team recognized the value and potential it offered. Not only were they able to build out workflow templates in a whole new way, but they also understood exactly what they needed to be doing and when for maximum efficiency.

While Pockit Self Storage already had a script in place, the team felt it was too robotic. Thanks to Lead Manager’s complete customization, their team was able to personalize the script and use it in new ways, creating a walkthrough that tells both their company story and follows through individual points of the customer’s journey. 

Now, agents are able to communicate all their perks such as referral bonuses, promotions and more, while picking up where they left off in correspondence. The team has now taken ownership of the system, constantly building out new ways to improve. 

“The CallPotential team is always on it.”

For the Pockit Self Storage team, the great customer service that comes with CallPotential is unmatched.  Day or night, Caitlin’s team loves that her team can simply use the chat or call to get help right away. With constant communication flow and support at their fingertips, the team knows they’ll receive answers within 24 hours or less.  The overall experience has been so beneficial that they’re now looking to add on Performance Manager for even more functionality and benefit.

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