How CallPotential helps Storage Choice get paid faster

Anything I can do to make my managers’ jobs easy, that’s my job.

Storage Choice Regional Manager Jeff Bateman relies on automated texts, emails and calls from CallPotential to make collections easier.

Self-storage operator Storage Choice owns 12 locations around Houston and Dallas with several more locations in the works. Jeff Bateman serves as Regional Manager for Storage Choice, managing the daily operations of several site managers and employees across Texas.

Storage Choice tested CallPotential on a few stores after first discovering the system more than two years ago. Realizing the time-saving benefits the system had on managers and workflow, Storage Choice quickly implemented CallPotential in all facilities.

Supporting Busy Site Managers

Jeff considers it his purpose to make his managers’ jobs easier. That is why Jeff uses CallPotential to automate tedious collections work and deliver complete analytics. By saving at least 2-3 hours every week in every location, Storage Choice managers are able to spend more time marketing, connecting with tenants and training their teams—and less time on tedious collections.

“Anything I can do to make my managers’ jobs easy, that’s my job.”

As Jeff’s site managers are often pulled between different locations, they can trust critical tasks are always being done with CallPotential working in the background sending automated phone calls, mobile texts and emails. Even on the busiest days, all of Storage Choice’s 12 locations can send out collections reminders and receive payment with or without the help of employees.

Eliminating Tedious Work with Automated Texting

While Storage Choice values site managers making personal connections over the phone and in person, they recognize that many tenants prefer text communication. Automatic text reminders have become Jeff’s favorite feature by allowing for quick communication to a large audience.

“If I can get just one extra person to pay me because they got a text message, I’m okay with that. It helps out quite a bit.”

Jeff looks at collections as a form of sales, and sending reminders through the channel tenants prefer to be contacted through saves his site managers hours of work and increases the amount of collections received.

Improving Manager Performance with Incentives

Jeff keeps his managers engaged in day-to-day operations by linking CallPotential analytics with bonus incentives. Site managers now take an active approach on collections. The team enjoys working with CallPotential as it eases the collections process and leads to bigger bonuses. “All it does is help,” Jeff says.

With CallPotential, Storage Choice site managers are able to save hours of making tedious calls and engage them in actively receiving payments. By automating processes, optimizing manager workload and incentivizing collections, CallPotential has helped Storage Choice stop wasting time chasing collections, engage site managers and drive customer satisfaction.

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