Paul Darden Company: How CallPotential streamlined operations from top to bottom

CallPotential has brought a lot to what I do at the manager level and at the corporate level…

Paul Darden Company, a Top 50 Operator in the self-storage industry with more than 60 self-storage facilities, traded outdated pen and paper methods for CallPotential to improve manager relationships and streamline operations from top to bottom

Paul Darden Company, a Top 50 Operator in the self-storage industry that has managed more than 60 self-storage facilities across Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, uses CallPotential to increase productivity, save time, and empower managers to close more leads and provide unmatched customer service.

Laura Stuart, a Regional Manager for Paul Darden Company and self-described “creature of habit,” was reluctant to adopt CallPotential for tracking and managing her locations. It wasn’t until she saw how beneficial the system could be for not just her role, but also her site managers, that she finally quit her pen and paper methods and adopted the CallPotential tool lineup.

“CallPotential has brought a lot to what I do at the manager level and at the corporate level…”

Improved Manager Partnerships

CallPotential understands the unique challenges Paul Darden Company and other operators face when managing several facilities. As responsibilities increase in the corporate office, Laura still wanted to work “shoulder to shoulder” with her site managers though not always able to be there in person.

The Paul Darden Company recognizes CallPotential as a tool for all levels of their operations. Site managers are engaged as they understand how CallPotential supports their specific role in the pipeline. Not just a tool to keep tabs on site managers, this multi-benefit system has helped create an effective partnership that can be felt on all levels.

Eliminating the Constraints of Time and Distance

Managing multiple self-storage properties is no easy challenge. CallPotential allows area managers to oversee the entire sales pipeline to easily manage multiple business parameters for several locations.

CallPotential has become their eyes and ears across districts, eliminating the constraints of time and distance. Laura now remotely accesses records and logs, and listens in on actual calls at any of her area locations. By tracking individual performance without having to be physically present for every interaction that occurs, Laura is able to quickly share feedback for site managers to implement.

Using Performance Manager, Laura has been able to skip the canned experience of a mystery shopper and instead has not only learned from the good calls but also those that didn’t go as well. “Being able to listen and evaluate leads that we lost has been especially valuable and determine why did we lose them.”

Laura values that CallPotential makes sure her team is taken care of. Onboarding and training new managers is simplified, daily operations are supported and the system works automatically in case a manager misses a step.

“Locations using CallPotential average 27% higher sales conversion ratios than industry averages while reducing advertising expenses 30-50%.”

Customer Care, Reimagined

CallPotential allows operators and managers to schedule automated multi-channel communications to alert customers to important information. Laura appreciates that customers can opt out of certain communications, giving her managers control to best meet tenant needs.

By setting up automated payment reminders with phone calls, mobile text and email, Laura was able to free up employee time from hundreds of manual calls to check in with tenants— calls that might have gone unanswered!

With CallPotential, Paul Darden Company empowers area managers to move away from chasing leads, and to embrace increasing sales, boosting productivity and increasing overall potential on every level.

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