Guardian Storage eliminates advertising guesswork with CallPotential

It's allowing me to do things that I would never have been able to do before.

Marketing Analytics provides total lead attribution from call to close, eliminating overspending on ineffective ads.

With 17 sites across the country, Guardian Storage ranks in the top 100 storage facilities by square footage and has plans for continued growth. Jeff Ley, Marketing Coordinator for facilities in Pennsylvania and Colorado, drives Guardian Storage forward with technology to empower operators to understand where their leads are coming from and take control of their businesses.

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After identifying the need to equip operators with technology to fully track every lead source—while integrating with their current management system, SiteLink—Guardian Storage began using CallPotential’s Marketing Analytics.

Total Attribution from Call to Close

Marketing Analytics tags and tracks every ad, creating a true source for each incoming lead. Instead of just tracking cost-per-click or cost-per-call, Marketing Analytics delivers the total cost-per-sale.

While Google Analytics reported what search engine people used to get to the site, and exactly how much traffic came from each source — how many actually closed— was still missing. A comprehensive look at each campaigns’ true ROI allows Guardian Storage to easily identify top performers and strategize future campaign spending.

Understanding exactly what works best for each location eliminates the need for overspending on ineffective ads.

Spending More on Top Performing Ads

Guardian Storage has attracted more sales without spending more in ads. Empowered with the total cost-per-sale, managers can eliminate guesswork and spend smarter. Campaigns can be tested and refined, allowing managers to quickly kill underachieving ads and shift funds to support top performing campaigns.

Jeff was operating his marketing budget at 50% confidence based on biased reports from ad representatives and limited analytics tools. With a new 360° view of where customers are coming from — from inquiry to close — Jeff makes advertising decisions with 80-90% confidence thanks to CallPotential.

New Level of Analytical Integration

Jeff uses CallPotential in partnership with other analytics tools to reduce guesswork and get a more complete picture of his marketing efforts. Running ads on Facebook and Google PPC in addition to other advertising channels, Guardian Storage is able to test different campaigns to stay ahead of the curve for upcoming trends.

“It’s allowing me to do things that I would never have been able to do before.”

Less Hours, More Confidence

With access to the true cost of each sale and other performance measures at the click of a button, Jeff’s team saves hours of tedious work each month. With the time saved from manually logging prospects and pulling reports from multiple sources, Guardian Storage is better prepared to efficiently manage their sales pipeline and scale for growth.

With cost-per-sale analytics and total ad management, CallPotential empowers Guardian Storage to be confident in their marketing strategy and effectively make necessary changes to boost their bottom line.

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