CallPotential Saves 35 RHW Capital Management Locations “Hours and Hours”

What are you doing for lead management, for collections, for payments? If you're not doing anything, it's a no-brainer to at least get started with CallPotential for lead management.

RHW Capital Management counts on the CallPotential lineup as the hub for 35 Store Here facilities.

Property management company RHW Capital Management operates 35 nationwide Store Here facilities. Storage industry veteran Tron Jordheim founded Phone Smart call center and served as Chief Marketing Officer for Storage Mart before joining Ryan Rogers, Managing Partner at RHW Capital Management to help expand the Store Here family.

Tron has known CallPotential founder Phil Murphy since CallPotential’s inception and is credited with testing the software through different phases. Looking to tie together the many functions of Store Here’s daily operations—phone calls, marketing campaigns and collections—Tron turned to CallPotential. Tron now credits CallPotential as a hub for Store Here services.

Many Services, One Powerful Platform

RHW Capital Management relies on the full lineup of CallPotential products to support the functions of Store Here’s nationwide facilities. Marketing Analytics tracks ROI for various campaigns; Lead Manager increases their rental conversion rate; and Collections Manager helps to receive payments faster. CallPotential’s DIY Call Center powers Store Here’s existing virtual network of in-house representatives that manage the large call volume of 35 busy operations.

The CallPotential lineup has complemented Store Here’s existing management software. Tron says, “We find what Sitelink has to offer is improved by CallPotential and what CallPotential has to offer extends what we can do with Sitelink.”

Smart Tools Empower Managers

Concerned with growing revenue to sustain both themselves and the company, site managers desire tools to help them get the job done. CallPotential empowers site managers to take control over their properties with insight into lead management, collections and the activity of Store Here’s in-home call center. With a new level of transparency, they are able to focus on customer service and manage their properties without having to worry about technology.

“Because it was developed by storage people, the developers anticipated all sorts of things we’d run into.”

Simplified Processes Save Managers “Hours and Hours”

Before CallPotential, managers would trace back in their ledger to find out who was late. Making a payment was a painful process and, without call centers, it was tough to get through to the right person. Now, tenants have several payment options and can receive call, mobile text and email communications. Tron estimates that CallPotential saves site managers “hours and hours” every week.

Command Center for Regional Managers

CallPotential supports corporate management to efficiently view the various operations of each location. RHW uses CallPotential as their command center, easily pulling reports to understand what is going on at each location.

“What are you doing for lead management, for collections, for payments? If you’re not doing anything, it’s a no-brainer to at least get started with CallPotential for lead management.”

Tron recommends self-storage operators start with Lead Manager and Collections to save hours of work every week, increase conversion rates and help collect more out of every lead.

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