Tom Hayes, Safeguard Self Storage VP, appreciates the speed and efficiency with which CallPotential provides an improved customer experience

We have seen a great improvement in the ability of our agents to really handle the customer experience.

Tom Hayes, Safeguard Self Storage VP, appreciates the speed and efficiency with which CallPotential provides an improved customer experience.

Tom Hayes has been with Safeguard Storage for approximately sixteen years, the last six of which he has spent managing Safeguard’s Atlanta Internal Call Center. His many years in the self-storage industry have given him a unique understanding of the need for an uncomplicated, user-friendly system that will improve operations and enhance the customer experience.

Safeguard started using CallPotential a little over 3 years ago. Prior to using CallPotential, Safeguard had their own version of a CRM.  When he initially considered CallPotential, Tom was impressed with the variety of modules available and understood the positive impact that CallPotential could have on Safeguard Self Storage. Safeguard utilizes the Lead, Collection, DIY Call Center Software, and Marketing & Performance modules.

Store Team and Call Center Agents Can Work Together

The Atlanta center predominantly works with the Lead and Call Center Software modules.  What Safeguard really likes about this system is that it gives their agents the opportunity to enter leads and house them into one system that interfaces with what managers do at each property, providing them the ability to work together.  

“We have seen a great improvement in the ability of our agents to really handle the customer experience.”

Spending less time on the task of information entry, leaves more time to attend to the customer.  One of CallPotential’s most efficient components is that the lead card contains all the information that the agents need to enter, and it’s on one screen.  In the past, the agent had to navigate to multiple screens to complete the process of entering a lead. With CallPotential all the information is on the screen at their fingertips, and they can focus on the customer experience.

CallPotential Makes Agent’s and Manager’s Jobs Easier

Agents at Safeguard’s call center are delighted with the positive impact that the CallPotential system has made. Their jobs are easier because CallPotential is user-friendly, straightforward, and gives them the opportunity to review calls, grade calls, and self-evaluate.  Converting leads to rentals is easier because CallPotential allows for seamless collaboration between agents and managers.

On site managers save hours of wasted time chasing collections and actively receive more payments. Workflow is improved because CallPotential automates the tedious collection process.   Phone calls, mobile texts and emails are delivered automatically, freeing managers to spend time marketing and connecting with customers.

Safeguard has confidence that the Marketing module will make the most of their advertising budget by eliminating the guesswork and distributing funds more strategically.  Understanding what works most efficiently for each location eliminates the need for overspending on unproductive ads so that advertising dollars are spent on campaigns with a higher ROI.

“We chose CallPotential not only because of the product itself but because of the people who work there. The working relationship that we have with them has been outstanding.”

Customer support is paramount in any business relationship. Safeguard is pleased that the support team is readily available and willing to help in any way that they can. There is a weekly conference call on which Safeguard Storage can address any issues or concerns with the support staff.  Agents report issues by email as they occur and receive immediate response.

As Storage Operators, CallPotential Understands Our Operations

It’s a genuine benefit to Safeguard that CallPotential operates storage facilities.  It’s simple to discuss operations and system improvements with people who have knowledge of the industry.  There’s no need for explanation; the focus is on the solution.

With CallPotential, Safeguard can follow the lead from source through to rental and even to the service aspect that occurs during the customer’s lifetime with them.  They can listen to phone calls and evaluate each customer touch point to measure their performance. As Tom states, “Having this is where the power is for us.”  “We couldn’t have done it without CallPotential.”

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