Treasure Island Storage uses CallPotential to systematically increase revenue

We are in the business of opening up storage facilities and we want to do it fast and easy and inexpensively. CallPotential allows us to do that.

New York and New Jersey-based self storage company streamlines operations with Lead Manager, DIY Call Center, Collections Manager and Marketing Analytics.

James Coakley is the President of Operations for Treasure Island Storage, a family of self storage facilities throughout metro New York and upstate New Jersey.

James originally found CallPotential out of a need for a simple, user-friendly lead management system that would quickly get new facilities up and running. Now, Treasure Island Storage uses Lead Manager, DIY Call Center, Collections Manager and Marketing Analytics to automate processes, save time, track ROI and increase overall revenue.

Treasure Island Storage values opening new storage facilities as quickly and efficiently as possible. By implementing CallPotential at the beginning of every new facility set up, new Treasure Island Storage locations are able to quickly meet the company’s high standards.

Save Time With DIY Call Center

The busy network of self storage facilities uses DIY Call Center to support their corporate call center without specialized hardware or different phone systems. All inbound calls are immediately directed to the call center, allowing trained representatives to make the most out of every lead without spending unnecessary time on the phone.

Accelerate the Rental Process

With Lead Manager, call center employees have immediate access to caller information and full scripting capabilities to deliver customized service every time. Treasure Island Storage can proactively capture every lead from phone to web to walk-in, eliminating lost leads and accelerating the lead-to-rental process.

After the initial call, the team is able to deploy and control follow-up schedules to truly make the most of every lead.

Get More From Automated Collections

By automating collections with Collections Manager, Treasure Island Storage gets paid faster and saves time by automatically reminding tenants of upcoming payments. With secure pay-by-phone features, tenants are able to complete their payment faster, and without having to go through an employee.

Eliminate Lost Advertising Dollars

Marketing Analytics empowers Treasure Island Storage to eliminate guesswork when allocating their advertising budget. Now, the team has a more complete idea of the return on investment for each specific ad. With this knowledge, they can quickly eliminate low-performing ads and distribute funds to those that generate the most leads.

By implementing CallPotential products into their entire sales pipeline, Treasure Island Storage has streamlined operations and enhanced their overall customer service.

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