Turtle Creek Management manages key operations with one powerful platform

The time savings is just icing on the cake to me.

Turtle Creek Management counts on CallPotential for peace of mind that the job is getting done—while managing more tasks in house.

Turtle Creek Management is an established property management company with four locations in the Indianapolis area and nearly 20 years in the self storage industry. Mark Purvis is the Market Development Manager for the Indianapolis storage facilities and relies on CallPotential to ensure key tasks are completed, and to manage them all under one in-house platform.

Expose Holes in the Sales Pipeline

As Mark’s eyes and ears at all four locations, CallPotential automatically tracks and records every incoming lead. With all calls automatically recorded and follow-ups automated, CallPotential puts Mark in control of his locations—even when he can’t be there in person.

Mark initially implemented CallPotential to track inbound and outbound calls, but he soon adopted Performance Manager, Collections Manager, DIY Call Center and Marketing Analytics to better support his sales pipeline and drive revenue.

Eliminate Third Party Reporting Services

Turtle Creek Management successfully eliminated third party call reporting and secret shopper services with Performance Manager. With every inbound and outbound call automatically recorded, Mark is able to remotely listen to specific calls and log notes for later follow up. The self-grading option empowers employees to see what they missed and identify areas of opportunity.

“The technology is state-of-the-art.”

Collections Manager relieves site managers of time-consuming phone calls while making sure the job always gets done. Turtle Creek Management tenants prefer mobile text and email messages, and the positive response has resulted in quicker payments

Automatically Reroute Inbound Calls

DIY Call Center eliminates missed calls by seamlessly transferring calls to available agents—all while working within the existing phone system. Mark plans to route all calls through DIY Call Center, where he is able to utilize top employees for specific calls.

“The time savings is just icing on the cake to me.”

Automating tasks with CallPotential saves employee time and adds transparency to everyday business functions, but Mark most appreciates the peace of mind that critical follow-up tasks are being completed. With CallPotential, Turtle Creek Management is able to optimize tasks and bring more functions in-house, making the time savings just icing on the cake.

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