Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager ranks campaign success to maximize your advertising budget.

Marketing Manager automatically identifies unproductive ads to help you maximize the effectiveness of your ad budget. Understanding exactly what works best for each location eliminates the need for overspending on ineffective ads. With true cost-per-call, cost-per-lead and cost-per-sale metrics, managers are empowered with the vital data needed to make effective decisions and reduce ad cost by 30-45%.

  • Audit the true return of each campaign to identify top and bottom performers.
  • Determine actual ROI with cost-per-call, cost-per-lead and cost-per-sale.
  • Instantly access data on competitive threats and advertising opportunities.
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See the Total Return on Investment

Before leads can be converted to sales, the phone needs to ring. Marketing Manager tags and tracks every ad your prospects respond to. Instead of just tracking cost-per-click or cost-per-call, Marketing Manager delivers the total cost-per-sale.


Easy Integration for Better Analytics

Automated tracking tools integrate with most property management software platforms to reduce user input error and save hours of manual reporting time.

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Reduce Advertising Spend

This comprehensive look at each campaigns’ true ROI allows managers to rank effectiveness and strategize future campaign spending. Campaigns can be tested and refined, allowing managers to quickly kill underachieving ads.

What Our Customers Say About Marketing Manager

  • Clearer insight into advertising campaigns and results empowers operators to strategically reduce ad spend by 30-45% while simultaneously increasing overall performance.