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Alternative Uses for Storage Facilities

October 6, 2014 | Categories: Feed

Traditionally someone buys a storage facility locker to store things in temporarily, whether it’s holiday decorations or a boat, whatever they can’t or don’t want to keep in their house. A recent Storchat discussion on twitter got me interested in alternative uses for storage facilities. Some creative people have found unique and innovative ways to utilize those 10×20 lockers.

Band Practice: First, make sure your facility isn’t too close to residential areas, in order to not disturb anyone. If it’s not, a storage locker is a great place for a band to hold practice! There is room to rehearse and when they’re done, they can store their equipment there as well. No need to transfer their instruments.. You can even hold a concert and invite the community. Have food and drinks, it’s a great way to bring people together and create a great atmosphere at your facility. Plus if they make it big, they’ll have to mention that great storage facility that helped them along the way!

Craft Room: Crafts take up a lot of space. They can involve hot glue guns, fabric, sewing machines, and about a million other things. If you are running out of space or tired of the clutter in your house, get a storage locker to work in. It will keep your house tidy and give you a whole storage locker to fill up with whatever you’d like.

Wine Storage: Wine lovers rejoice, you don’t need to build a fancy wine cellar or curb your wine buying if you’re running out of room: get a storage locker and use it as your own personal wine cellar. Climate control options can let you set it to the perfect temperature for storing. Also, you can choose a locker with no windows so the bottles will be in a perfectly dark, chilled environment.

Office space: A storage locker can easily be turned into a functional office space, if someone needs just a small place. Just find a place that has electricity, which most facilities provide. If you just need a space to do work and your house isn’t an option, use a storage locker. It’s much cheaper than renting office space. Find one close to your house, set it up as an office and get to work.

These are just a few unique angles for the storage locker. A tenant is a tenant, no matter what they’re using it for. So be creative, people need space for more than just storage!

What are some interesting tenants you’ve had at your facilities? Or what are creative ways you yourself have used a storage locker? Leave a comment, let us know!

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