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Best Storage Finds of 2014

October 6, 2014 | Categories: Feed

As most people know, in the United States, delinquent tenants of self-storage facilities have a set amount of time to pay off their debt. If they fail to do so, the facility is allowed to auction off their locker to the highest bidder. These auctions are becoming more and more popular, even having several successful television shows dedicated to these events. With this in mind, I decided to scour the internet in order to find some of the best finds of last year. So, after hours of nail biting research, here is what I believe to be some of the coolest storage auction finds of 2012.

Guy Fieri’s stolen Lamborghini

In 2011, celebrity chef and television host, Guy Fieri’s bright yellow Lamborghini was stolen out the dealership it was being held at. Just over a year later, the $200,000 car turned up in a California storage locker being rented by a 17-year old boy. The overwhelming evidence found in the locker quickly led to charges while Fieri was happily reunited with his hot ride.

Unreleased Michael Jackson Songs

One lucky bidder ended up with a storage facility that held over 250 of Jackson’s songs, all which had never been heard by the public. The storage facility was once owned by his father, Joe Jackson. These songs were produced while Jackson was between contracts so no record label has claim to them, giving the auctioneer full claim to the music.

Pirate Gold

A San Jose man paid just about $1,100 for an unseen storage unit during a storage unit auction. Inside: 1,700 gold doubloons, silver Spanish coins and even silver and gold bars. The items were worth $500,000, giving the man a profit of nearly a half a million dollars! Not only did this auction make an ordinary man very rich, but also the public got to see a real life treasure hunt success!

Chicago Bulls Championship Rings

Last April, Chris Amer, a South Side Chicagoan bought a 10 x 10 storage locker for $450. The locker turned out to be the storage unit for a late local politician, and was full of valuable items. Among the items inside were two Chicago Bulls championship rings, one from 1996 the other, 1998. An incredible find and a bargain for one lucky storage hunter! Since CallPotential is based out of a Chicago Suburb this story hits close to home.

These types of finds are extremely rare. Although the idea is exciting, most people just find lockers full old photographs, worn out furniture and useless knickknacks left behind from the delinquent tenants. With CallPotential’s ability to make calls to large groups of people, such as these overdue tenants, at one time through the Call Broadcasting feature, managers at storage facilities can save the time usually spent making these repetitive delinquency calls. This way, a man with a storage locker full of pirate gold will be consistently reminded to make his payments, or else he’ll lose his treasure.

We want to know, what’s the best find you’ve ever seen or had? Let us know, leave a comment!

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