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CallPotential Launches 2.0 Preview at SSA Spring Conference in Orlando

March 7, 2018 | Categories: CallPotential News, Feed, Industry News

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Chicago, IL March 7th, 2018 – CallPotential, is releasing a sneak preview of CallPotential version 2.0, a complete re-imagining of the award winning technology platform. In addition to this significant update, CallPotential announces exclusive new tools such as two way text and live chat for storage operators.

Version 2.0 includes major enhancements with a fresh new design that is focused around the user experience first.  The next generation release includes significant new capabilities and enhancements. The addition of two way texting and the ability to offer live chat to the already robust multichannel program is a workflow breakthrough. Now managers can communicate with customers through their preferred channel without managing multiple programs, windows and logins saving them significant time. Employee performance evaluation is easily tracked with one-click reports allowing for remote management without sacrificing store level detail.

“We are committed to elevating the operator and tenant relationship.” said Phil Murphy, President and Founder of CallPotential. “With the latest release we are introducing new innovations that will help operators create an intelligent, connected customer experience.”

Version 2.0 will be available for preview at the SSA Spring Conference in Orlando. Private demonstrations are also available by appointment.
About: CallPotential’s best in class CRM platform integrates seamlessly with operators property management software allowing systemization and automation of lead management and collection management processes using multi-channel communication tools like text messaging, email, live and recorded calls, and live chat. CallPotential also empowers owners to run their own internal contact center without investing in expensive hardware or hiring additional labor. These products combine powerful insight, transparency and control into operations. 

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