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Joining an Association

November 8, 2014 | Categories: Feed

Everyone is looking to improve their business. One way to do so is to get involved. This is the

classic argument: how much time you spend in your business vs how much time you spend on

your business. Educating yourself on the industry can help you exceed your 2015 goals with



The Self Storage Association is the largest community of self storage facility owners, operators,

and managers in the world. You can choose to join the national or the state level. There are

many benefits of joining the self storage association. Because the industry has grown so rapidly,

competition is everywhere. The more education you have on the industry, the better prepared for

the future you are. It’s a new year, maybe it’s time to grow.


Getting involved in your industry this year will advance your knowledge of your business. Going

to events and talking to experts about what the future holds for the self storage business will only

help prepare you for what’s ahead. Be proactive.


Being a member of an association will give you access to advice and insight from industry peers.

Those new to the industry or looking to get into it will have tons of information to absorb while

self storage veterans can give back to help make the industry stronger and the people in it, more



When it comes to price of membership, each state and the national organization have differing

costs. Some will charge a flat rate or by facility. Most memberships are for a full year but if

you feel you did not get your moneys worth in that year – you can always choose to drop it the



When it comes to most things in life – what you put in is what you’ll get out. This holds true

for your self storage business. So, go to trade shows and educational seminars. Learn about

your industry, become a better competitor. Trade shows often have several guest speakers, the

latest industry news, and helpful advice from experts on how to improve your business while

presenting a comfortable environment to get your questions answered. Also, you will be exposed

to news, possible law changes and newest technologies in the field such as your very own Call

Potential. Members of our team often attend trade shows to display our products to attendees.

While blogs are a great place to learn Self Storage info – attending events can also be incredibly

helpful. Check it out for yourself and learn how you can improve your business and grow your

resources this year.

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