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November 15, 2014 | Categories: Feed

5 important things to keep in mind when dealing with leads


Leads are the backbone of the self-storage business. In order to fill your facilities with tenants,

you have to sell your business. So what should you keep in mind when dealing with leads?

What are some “best practices” in order to have the highest lead to rental conversion rate you

can get?


The trick to success isn’t in how many leads you pull in, but rather how you manage the leads

that do come your way.


1. Quality over Quantity – it’s not all about how many calls you’re getting. It’s about how many

quality leads you are generating, how many people who you really have the potential to make a

sale with and then capitalizing on those.


2. Record Details – take detailed notes about what you spoke to the customer about. Include:

what they’re looking to store, the size of the storage unit discussed, any specials or discounts

offered, and when they will need it. These details will be important when going to make follow-
up calls with this potential client.


3. Accuracy – Accuracy is incredibly important when managing leads. If you get something

wrong, you may lose a sale. You want to make sure you have the correct information, in order to

show the customer that you care about his or her business.


4. Prepare yourself – When you make these calls, have the notes on the customer with you in

order to prepare yourself. This will make for a more clear and intelligent conversation.


5. Follow up – this is the most important aspect of lead management. Without a follow up

call, many leads will slip through the cracks. If you take accurate notes and prepare yourself

beforehand, you will be able to have a more successful follow up call.


If you keep these ideas in mind, you can make a follow up that is personalized rather than

starting a conversation with “Hey, I heard you need some storage?” Suddenly, your lack of

preparation can transform into a pitch that is professional, direct and effective: “Hello James, I

know that you’re looking for a place to store your boat for the winter and we discussed a 10×10.

Are you still interested in that unit?” Now you have made the customer feel like a valued client

and your close attention to detail will not go unnoticed.


The process of trying to devise a successful lead management system can be difficult,

especially if you’re an owner with many facilities and want to coordinate the same routine in

each. This is where a lead management software would come in. Lead management software

is an incredibly useful tool for storage owners and operators. It is not a call center, it is a tool

that employees will use to handle the leads that come in. It will automatically make it so you

never lose a lead again. With a built in follow up schedule, room for notes, accessible units, and

specials listed, it sets up employees for success. It takes away the stress of managing a file

folder or dealing with easy-to-lose note cards.


A good lead management software will record each call, inbound and outbound, so that an

employee can listen to the conversation over again if need be, in order to make sure that they

have got the correct information. It will ensure accuracy every time. Lead management software

can offer a lot of different features and tools, these are just a few to look for!


Whatever your system is, whether you implement a lead management software or not, handling

leads is an incredibly important part of business. We hope these tips will help you to have

successful follow ups, every time!


Did we miss anything? Leave a comment about how you handle leads!

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