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November 22, 2014 | Categories: Feed

Creative and interesting ways to market are everywhere. Summer is the perfect time to try something new– there are so many avenues you can take advantage of to get your name out there. Think outside of the storage box; here are some fresh ideas to help you!


Sponsor a little league team or other youth club – Perhaps you can donate something to a youth baseball team, or allow the local girl scouts to host a car wash at your facility. This is an opportunity to get involved in the community which will give you positive attention while giving you an outlet to get your name out there.

Reach out to college kids – College kids are home for the summer and find themselves surrounded by too much stuff! Offer them a college discount so that they choose your place to stockpile all the stuff they won’t need for the next couple months. This really is the best time to grab this demographic!

Join in on festivals or parades – Towns and communities hold festivals and other events, especially in the summertime. Get involved! You can give out candy, Frisbees, or water bottles. There are a lot of different things you could hand out, all sporting your name, address and a phone number. It’s a great atmosphere, and a cool way to connect with the community.

Now here’s the trick: track the success of your marketing endeavor. It has become incredibly inexpensive to obtain a tracked phone number. Put a different number on the leaflet you gave out at the car wash or water bottle from the festival, then have that number forward to your facility. Track how many calls you are getting on each line. This way you can figure out how successful your marketing campaign really was.

You want more than a tool that just counts how many times the phone rings; you can get more from a tracked phone number.


What to look for in a phone tracking company:

ROI (return on investment) – this can be broken up into 3 different components: true cost per call, cost per lead, and cost per sale. So you will know how much money was spent to get each call, to get each lead and ultimately, to get each sale. Simply basing your advertising on how many times the phone rings is not enough; you should expect more out of a call tracking service. Backed with this much more involved information you will be able to make a confident decision on how successful your inventive marketing campaign really was and if it is worth doing again. You don’t need to guess which ads and campaigns are making you the most money–spend a little to track them, then make decisions from there!

Take a risk, get creative and have some fun!

What are some cool marketing ideas that you have come up with? Leave us a comment, we’d

love to hear from you!

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