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November 29, 2014 | Categories: Feed, Self Storage Tips

5 Tips for a Great Employee Evaluation

In the self storage industry, having good employees is extremely important. Each tenant will come in contact with an employee, no matter what, whether they are calling, coming in to rent or paying their bill. This is why you need to know how your employees are doing and motivate them to always be on their game, ensuring your business can succeed.

So here are some tips to keep in mind when giving an employee evaluation!

1.Prepare yourself: Don’t wing a performance review. An unorganized review will not be effective. Having a guideline will ensure you cover all the topics you need to and that the evaluation goes smoothly for both parties.

2. Consistency: Treat each employee the same way, putting them all on the same playing field. Don’t give someone you know more a leg up, or a more causal evaluation. Treat them the same as every other employee. This will ultimately be what is best for your business.

3. Feedback: if you are using a grading system, don’t give someone a C without explaining why they received a C. Without feedback, the employee won’t know what they did wrong, so they won’t be able to improve and fix mistakes in the future. Feedback should contain constructive criticism. Feedback is vital for a successful performance review.

4.Goal Setting: make sure you are making realistic goals for your employee. This will motivate them to be constantly improving. Even a spectacular review will need to end with goal setting in order to ensure improvement for the future.

5. Recognizing top performing employees: Don’t let good work go unnoticed, it will make employees feel frustrated and underappreciated. In the self storage industries, calls with customers and potential customers are crucial. CallPotential’s evaluation tool has a Call of Fame feature. In the Call of Fame you can share highly scored calls made by your employees. Everyone else at your other facilities will be able to see it, listen to it and hopefully learn from it. This will give the attention a good employee deserves.

Don’t fear the employee evaluation, keep in mind all the good it does for you business! Prepare

yourself, keep a level head and get evaluating!

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