DIY Call Center

Create an in-house call center at a fraction of the cost of traditional third party call centers.

DIY Call Center allows managers to maximize the success of every call by utilizing their best salespeople and avoiding missed calls— all without adding labor or infrastructure.

  • Eliminate IVR and caller drop-off by automatically identifying and routing callers to the best available specialist.
  • No specialized hardware or expensive phone systems.
  • Full scripting capabilities allow for customized calls every time.
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Customize Location-Specific Scripts

Customize specific scripts for each facility to deliver location-specific information that supports your employees without missing a beat. Callers receive quick assistance, allowing your team to close more sales and provide optimum customer support.

Route Calls Based on Need or Skills

Send every call to the right person every time. Whether routing delinquent tenants to your collection specialist or prospects to your best closer, DIY Call Center gives you full control to maximize the likelihood of a successful call.


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Easily Integrate with No Additional Labor or Hardware

Whether it is entering leads, processing payments, or moving in customers, DIY Call Center seamlessly integrates with the existing property management and phone systems. This powerful tool is easily launched and implemented without the need for hiring and managing call center agents.

What Our Customers Say About DIY Call Center

  • CallPotential's not just a lead service, it helps us with quality control, it helps us with a lot of different things. We've been using CallPotential for years now and they have become like a second family.