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Storelocal to use CallPotential best-in-class CRM for Tenant Communication

January 17, 2018 | Categories: CallPotential News, Industry News, News

CallPotential partners with Storelocal to provide multi-channel communication platform for leads, collections, and internal call center options to co-op members.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Chicagoland, Illinois January 17th, 2018 – CallPotential partners with Storelocal to provide multi-channel communication platform for leads, collections, and internal call center options to co-op members. The two industry-leading companies are teaming up to offer their services to help managers operate more effectively by streamlining and automating many in-office procedures.

“We are excited to welcome CallPotential to our growing list of Preferred Vendor Partners. Their reputation for reliable, high-quality services made them a slam dunk for our vendor committee, our Board of Directors, and most importantly, our other vendor partners. We especially value their a la carte offering of services, allowing customized solutions for all members of our co-op, whether it be the operator with one location, or some of the largest private owners of self storage.” Lance Watkins, Storelocal Chief Executive Officer Storelocal, one of the nation’s most successful co-op organizations, has member-owned facilities including small, medium and large-sized operators, who are benefiting from the co-op’s business model that helps them increase their advantage in a highly competitive marketplace that has been dominated by REITs, who control 1,000s of self storage locations.

“Storelocal has a proven record of providing top notch services to their members as well as great exposure for their vendor partners. It’s a privilege to be a Preferred Vendor of the cooperative and we look forward to sharing our best in class CRM with members to take control of their lead, collection, and call management.” Phil Murphy, President and Founder of CallPotential.

The partnership benefits members by providing better store workflow operations and corporate visibility into the store’s remote daily activities, with reduced costs and faster realization of lead to leases. CallPotential services also shorten the time of past due rent by automating reminders with a combination of texts, emails, live and recorded calls.

About: CallPotential’s best in class CRM platform integrates seamlessly with operators property management software allowing systemization and automation of lead management and collection management processes using multi-channel communication tools like text messaging, email, live and recorded calls. CallPotential also empowers owners to run their own internal call center without investing in expensive hardware or hiring additional labor. These products combine powerful insight, transparency and control into operations. To learn more about CallPotential visit www.callpotential.com or call Holly Fiorello, Director of Marketing, at 877-552-2557.

About: Storelocal is a cooperative of self storage owners and operators working together to solve industry challenges. Co-op members leverage existing and new resources to provide solutions for customer acquisition, operational services and technology products, thereby bridging the efficiency gap between the top national operators and online reservation systems. To learn more about the Storelocal co-op, visit www.storelocal.com or call Bruce Heverly, Chief Marketing Officer, at 949-629-4142.

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