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BREAKING: Super Heroes Spotted at the ISS Self Storage Conference

April 27, 2016 | Categories: Feed, News

LAS VEGAS – A Dark Knight and Amazonian Princess were spotted attending the Inside Self Storage World Expo in Las Vegas yesterday. Witnesses reported that they were testing out SmartKIOSK, CallPotential’s newest product engineered around speed and affordability.

When asked why the duo was attending a self storage conference, the Dark Knight was reported as saying “Wayne Enterprises is very interested in the self storage sector. When Phil Murphy gave me a call and said I needed to come see SmartKIOSK, I didn’t hesitate. It is the fastest, most intuitive self service Kiosk I have ever seen. I heard it’s affordable too, and we need all the weapons we can to fight the evils of vacancy”.

Unconfirmed accounts place this event as the first superhero appearance at a self storage conference. “SmartKIOSK is having a huge impact on the industry and the easier we can make it for our customers to rent with us the better. I’m just flattered that the dynamic duo are so interested in us.”

SmartKIOSK is a sleek, indoor/outdoor self service kiosk that can help streamline the move-in process. First day orders have new inquiries on a wait list. Order your 

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