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Self Storage Operators Completed Over 1.3 Million Follow-ups and Collected over $91 Million Dollars in 2018 using CallPotential

January 24, 2019 | Categories: Sales

2018 was another successful year for CallPotential. Our year in review is complete and we are excited to announce that CallPotential had another record year amongst all metrics. 

CallPotential tracked and recorded over 9.7 million calls using over 17,000 tracking numbers. Of those calls, 61% were inbound vs. 39% outbound. Operators used our Performance Manager to analyze and grade over 49,000 calls for peer to peer grading, self grading, and of course manager grading.

Clients using our In-House Call Center powered by CallPotential processed 1.25 million calls with 434 of their own agents.

Lead Manager saw a record 1.3 million follow-ups completed. 54% of these follow-ups were live calls, 18% text messages, and 28% emails.

Collection Manager collected over $91 Million using automated payment reminders. $5.7 Million was collected via internal call centers, $15.6 million collected via email reminders, $42.6 million by IVR, and $26.2 million by text/sms. 37,864 new people signed up for autopay using CallPotential Collection Manager. Each location averaged $48,886 collected.

Overall, CallPotential saved self storage managers 2342 work days, 468 work weeks, 108 work months equaling over 9 work years by automating and streamlining day-to-day tasks.

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