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Omni-Channel Communication for Self Storage – Integrating and Recording Live Calls

January 2, 2019 | Categories: Feed, Omni-Channel, Sales

Leading organizations are bridging the communication divide by implementing an omni-channel contact center strategy, which integrates Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, live agents, two way text, web chat, email, social media and other channels into a single seamless hub, like CallPotential. The integration of all channels into a single program provides a holistic and cohesive customer experience no matter the entry point. A customer reaching out through a live call receives the same white glove service as a customer reaching out through Facebook messenger without an agent managing multiple devices and programs. This same customer can switch channels effortlessly continuing the conversation with the same agent, without having to completely start over.

Today, we’ll be discussing how live calls can be integrated and recorded in your communication strategy to provide a seamless customer experience.

Generally, a prospective customer contacts your self storage facility by one of three avenues – online, walking in or by giving you a call. Being able to track leads and close sales can be challenging with both walk-in and phone prospects. How can you be sure the onsite managers are collecting all the necessary customer information? Are you able to provide prospective customers with a unique shopping experience?

Looking specifically at services for tracking phone calls, the potential options can be overwhelming. There are VOIP systems that provide inbound and outbound call recording, call tracking software that allows for measuring marketing campaigns, and services like CallPotential that combine both VOIP systems with call tracking software while also integrating with your property management software. Not only does the integrated solution allow for live phone call recording, you can quickly and easily record tenant information for both incoming and outgoing calls, track marketing campaign effectiveness, and create customized experiences for current and prospective customers.

As mentioned previously, when building an omni-channel communication strategy it’s important to communicate with customers how, when and where they want. So, when a potential or current customer chooses to call over email and text, you’re providing an experience that caller expects.

Integrated Live and Recorded Calls Improve a Prospect’s Experience

Let’s say a potential customer calls a facility from one of your call tracking numbers listed online. Instantaneously, CallPotential scans your property management software customer records to determine whether or not the inbound call is an existing customer. Since this caller was not identified as a current customer, the manager is given an automatic series of prompts to follow making sure they obtain all necessary prospect information – name, phone number, email, notes about their specific needs. The manager will also know the customer already reviewed your website, giving the manager the right clues to quote the customer the correct price.

The manager knows from the very beginning this is a prospect and has a customized automated system to walk them through the sales process. The ease of conversation and delivery of correct information builds trust and confidence with the prospective customer.

But wait, something happens to the call and the manager gets disconnected before they finished getting all the customer information. What can they do now?

Because of the integration the manager has the prospects name and phone number. So, they call back. The customer doesn’t answer. How else can you get the customer the information they need?
Your solution is fully integrated with your property management software giving you the ability to both email and text the prospective customer information.

When the customer finally gets back to you, they apologize for getting disconnected, but thank you for finding other ways to get them their information. You’ve now built a more trusting relationship with the prospect just by communicating effectively.

Integrated Live and Recorded Calls Also Improve Current Customer’s Experience

A current customer calls a facility using their phone number on record. CallPotential dynamically scans your records, recognizes the caller and the tenant’s account pops onto the screen. The manager answers the phone, “Hi, Mr. Smith, how are you today?” The manager doesn’t have to ask for the caller’s name or account information and can provide individualized service by using the customer’s name while answering the phone. Mr. Smith doesn’t have to worry about remembering his unit number, or account information as it’s already loaded on the screen. Saving both the customer and the manager time and allowing the manager to focus solely on Mr. Smith’s needs.

Integrated Live and Recorded Calls Improve ROI

As an added bonus, when set up properly, integrated live and recorded calls can help track the ROI of your marketing and advertising campaigns. When you set up tracking numbers, link them to different marketing campaigns like your website, Google ads and Facebook ads. Every time a prospective customer calls from a tracking number CallPotential will record the campaign and potentially follow the customer all the way through the rental process and beyond. When you review reports, you can see what campaigns are driving inquiries, what campaigns are driving leads that convert to renting customers and even how long customers stay. All of this information ties into determining the ROI of a campaign and where you should be spending your marketing dollars.

Creating a seamless experience for customers during all stages of the buying cycle is just another reason developing a self storage omni-channel communication plan can improve your self storage facility operations. Customer’s will appreciate the customized journey and managers will be able to spend more time fulfilling customer needs and less time looking up customer information. Plus, as an added bonus, you’ll be able to see where and how to spend your marketing dollars wisely.

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